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either that or she promised him one after his opening statement if he did a good job! They are two sleaze bags and they make a great pair!(IMHO) I doubt they were doing very much 'sleeping' all those days she spent in his office!Anthony was seen living with a man in West Palm Beach and helping out at his yard sale, selling the things of an older woman.

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The investigator, Dominic Casey, said in court deposition documents related to Casey Anthony's Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in Florida that Jose Baez, the attorney who represented Anthony, told him that Anthony admitted to killing her daughter, according to reports in the . Casey also claimed in the deposition that Baez had a sexual relationship with Anthony, a claim that Baez vehemently denies."I unequivocally and categorically deny exchanging sex for legal services with Ms. "I further unequivocally and categorically deny having any sexual relationship with Ms. On July 26, 2008, the investigator claimed, Baez told him that Anthony murdered her daughter and "dumped the body somewhere and he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did."Dominic Casey also wrote of an incident in which he arrived unexpectedly at Baez's office and found Casey Anthony there, naked.

Anthony whatsoever."Casey worked with Baez in 2008 after Casey Anthony was arrested for child neglect following the disappearance of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, on July 5, 2011. Anthony ran out of Baez's private office through a conference room and into a hallway, Dominic Casey wrote. Casey "told (Anthony) that she cannot allow (Baez) to continue engaging in this behavior," the investigator wrote in the affidavit.

Casey Anthony leaves the Booking and Release Center at the Orange County Jail with her attorney Jose Baez after she was acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Casey claimed Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, hired him onto the case days after the mom was arrested in July 2008.

Perhaps one of the most disgusting court cases involving a parent charged with murdering their child just got a bit more revolting when allegations surfaced that Casey Anthony paid her married attorney, Jose Baez, with sex.