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It says a lot about how you feel about yourself if you refuse to date someone of your own race.

But I don't see anything wrong with people who date all races.

Firstly, Porsha Williams owes Kandi Burruss an apology. While lying is no new thing to this show (and it is amusing that Kenya Moore, who has told more falsehoods than Pinocchio, is the most enraged about Porsha’s lie), Porsha has told a lie that could potentially have legal ramifications or ruin Kandi’s reputation.

She admitted she made up the drug and rape rumors, and that was gross, so now she needs to pull her big girl panties out of her butt and say these two simple words, sincerely, “I’m sorry” and she should not expect Kandi to forgive her. The worst though is that Porsha doesn’t seem bothered by that, and doesn’t seem to get how bad this is. Which is especially disconcerting considering that Porsha and Kandi were once close friends. Even worse is that Porsha told this really enormous lie over a few insignificant-seeming arguments with Kandi.

Unless you give me the eye like [UNKNOWN] Like you never existed. Now you're married, you don't even have to deal with all of that.