When do carly and freddie start dating

[on the i Carly webcast] Freddie: Now usually I'm behind the camera... [on the i Carly webcast] Freddie: See, Carly and Sam are in a big fight, and both girls think they're right.

Sam: You mean I can't play with the white balance on your super-di-dupity camcorder? Everybody jokes about the white balance until there skin tones go magenta.

Freddie Benson: Keep your hands off my AV equipment.

[Carly and Freddie listen to her stereo] Freddie: I like this song. Spencer: Look, in my life, I've learned a few things about girls.

[Freddie and Sam glare at each other momentarily, then Freddie takes off] Sam: He was smart to run. Spencer: Like when you break up with them, they do not like it when you ask out their sisters. Freddie: Our fans don't like it when best friends fight.

The next day, Sam and Carly get into a fight, with Sam ending up quitting i Carly.