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There are a few places on your Mac that you can use to avoid the prompts and let your code do what it needs to do without user interaction.But these folders are not in a place that a user can easily find so below are some steps that I hope to make it easier for you to access the folder manual if you want.

If you go to our Website ( ) there is an explanation of what this is. I have fixed that issue with an alternative format on the original posting here: But here is is again .. Cells If Not Is Empty(c) Then PBIExcel Code Next c PBIInfo Application.

Dim PT As Pivot Table Dim Target As Workbook Dim int Sheet As Long Dim c As Range Dim LO As List Object Dim LO2 As List Object Dim conn As Variant 'Created by DMoffat [email protected]/29/2016 Sub PBILocal() ' End Sub Sub Power BI() On Error Go To PBIErr PBIInstantiate Application. List Objects("tbl PBIWorksheets") For Each c In LO.

Does anybody have an idea of how I can set this up? The name of the saved file also changes as they name based on date.

By the end of the year, there will be approximately 3500 rows and 53 columns of data. My suggestions would be to: Change the base file to a Template, this will keep the users from accidentally overwriting it with data.

If you want to have a location only for Excel for example use this path : Note : Adding the folder to your Favorites is my favorite because you see the folder in your open and save dialogs in Excel.