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I have conditional formatting and formulas in various cells across all rows. It's your decision as to keeping it in there or not. Is it possible to add/edit the macro you have to force it to always insert the row after row 6 ?? Row < 7 Then Msg Box "Please click OK, then re-select" _& vb Cr Lf & "a range starting in at least row 7.", _16, "Can only insert rows after row 6."Else Dim cell As Range Selection. I am trying to idiot-proof this thing as much as possible. Row < 7 Then : Msg Box "Please click OK, then re-select" _ : & vb Cr Lf & "a range starting in at least row 7.", _ : 16, "Can only insert rows after row 6." : Else : Dim cell As Range : Selection.

When a person inserts a new row, I want to make sure that the new row has the same formatting and formulas. Thanks Greg One thing you can do is draw a Forms button on the worksheet and attach this macro to it. Thanks Greg : I have a spreadsheet this is used by many different people and I am trying to automate this task so the formulas and formatting continues. Also, I need to look for a method to disable the box that pops up when you open excel "asking if it is ok to enable macros".

Let's assume it's the first table in the workbook and it's named "Table1". Enable Events = True End Sub Sub Auto Adjust Pivot Data Range() Dim Data_sht As Worksheet Dim Pivot_sht As Worksheet Dim Start C As Range Dim HRange As Range Dim PName As String Dim Upd Range As String 'Set Variables Set Data_sht = This Workbook. Alternatively, how should i check the field header names so that there is no confusion to Excel for proper run please?

Range("A3: L" & lastrow) Worksheets("Corp Stores SOH Summary"). •Select the dataset range then through the Ribbon: Insert OK Click on the Table, then in the Ribbon's "Design" tab, look to see what name Excel has automatically assigned the new Table. Make sure there are no invalid names on fields in the data range even for the ones you don't use in the pivot table report, beware of hidden columns. Hi, Thank you so much for the help - shall i use another approach, is to create a new pivot table and rename the worksheet so that other sheet can do a lookup against the refreshed pivot table? Could you please kindly tell me the codes for that step please?

how can i code to skip the rows that do not contain data?