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The device then downloads the update from that location and waits five minutes before applying it.

For details about where to find the device logs, see Updating Devices.

updating windows media center 2016-69

Some enthusiast sites offer so-called codec packs, which install a collection of third-party codecs that have the potential to cause at least as many problems as they solve.

Before you install one of these packages, we recommend that you research it extensively—and, of course, have a backup image ready.

You do so at your own risk—a buggy codec can cause the Player to crash, freeze, or suffer reduced performance, even when working with clips in a completely different format than the one supported by the rogue codec .

Enthusiasts who rip and share digital video files are the most common source of codec-related issues with Windows Media Player.

The device sends its current version information to the Device Update Web service, which checks if there is a newer update for that device type.

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