Updating ios on 6506 sup720

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Most of the modules are hot-swappable, but some modules must be shutdown before being removed. Modules FWSM is capable of more than 4Gbps throughput, but the fastest standalone PIX is capable of only 1.5 Gbps. You can also type 'exit' at the remote prompt to end the session Trying ...

6.2.3) FWSM is capable of over 4 Gbps of throughput, comparing with 1.7 Gbps on the PIX 535. To login: The default escape character is Ctrol-^, then x.

There is no formatting of flash per say, but when you perform the steps outlined above, the flash gets prepared and the IOS gets placed on it just fine. WARNING: all existing data in all partitions on flash will be lost!

Once I copied the IOS then did “CONFREG 0x2102”, my old startup-config was brought up and all was well…

4.6) The Compact Flash Type II slots support SAL1201GSDZ Mod MAC addresses Hw Fw Sw Status --- ---------------------------------- ------ ------------ ------------ ------- 1 0014.1c6b.d87d to 0014.1c6b.d87e 2.2 12.2(14r)S5 12.2(33)SXI Ok 2 0013.1a23.216a to 0013.1a23.216b 2.2 12.2(14r)S5 12.2(33)SXI Ok 3 0015.f91d.d50c to 0015.f91d.d5db 2.3 12.2(14r)S5 12.2(33)SXI Ok 5 0016.9de6.7ae1 to 0016.9de6.7ae3 5.7 8.5(2) 12.2(33)SXI Ok Mod Global switching mode is Compact d CEF mode is not enforced for system to operate Fabric module is not required for system to operate Modules are allowed to operate in bus mode Truncated mode is allowed, due to presence of DFC, CEF720 module Module Slot Switching Mode 1 offer functionality.