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Updating firmware on stand alone divx player Housewife wechat id

Update v1.20 : - Added support for custom firmware 4.76 CEX (Ferrox) and Custom Firmware 4.76.x Rebug REX.

Update v1.19 : - Add spoof version 4.78 - Add 4.78 Update v1.15 : * add support CFW Rogero 4.46 ( compatible Cobra version, untested ) * fixed bug connexion for CFW's 4.66 standard Update v1.14 : * Added support for CFW Rebug 4.46.1 REX only in NORMAL mode (THX atreyu187 for test) * Fix for CFW 4.50 CEX Standard (untested) * Check the health of spoof NORMAL mode only for CFW Rebug's 4.65.x update v1.13 : * fixed error code connexion 80710A06 * add new CA0version 4.70 * update spoof version to 4.70 CFW Supported list : - CFW ROGERO 4.46 ( compatible Cobra version ) - CFW 4.46.1 Rebug REX in normal mode only !

Plays many types of files but I only use MKVs and ISOs. If you are not in a hurry to buy one, have a read: /forum-replies.cfm? If a member State chooses to do so, it must also introduce a compensation for the copyright holders. But as a base media player it's beeen great :) Cheers, I'm sure its good. From my point of view, might as well get a HP Proliant Microserver with spaces for 4x HDDs and convert that into a HTPC (eg putting in a $50 GPU, add an OS), which will definitely play almost anything...abeit time consuming to set it up. However, if one has a PC already and an external HDDs, the WDTV or something similar in its price range could be perfect.

The former I firmwared to WDLXTV but seldom used it now. Lots of different themes for it to make the GUI prettier. But too many and too complicated for me to understand all of them. Are U asking whether it will reject the ISO/MKV users make of copyright movies? A directive of the European Union allows its member nations to instate in their legal framework this private copy exception to the authors and editors rights. Interface is a little clunky, really neesd to be running a modded firmware to get the most out of it.

Attention a spoof allows connection to PSN, but does *NOT* protect against a ban!!