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From here you can find the shortcut back up to Royal Wood.Just follow the wall on the left to find the elevator.No rain had come in nine months, and the smoke from 150,000 acres of wildfire darkens the air.

The footing in this area makes it difficult to engage in combat without slipping off.

Before you get to the butterflies there's a corspe you can loot to get some humanity, to do this head back a few steps and you'll notice that the falling snow lands onto an invisible platform use this platform to reach the corspe, ok now to the right of the first Butterfly is what looks like a dead end.

It is divided into two sections: Gloomreach Cavern and Gloomreach Hive.

Gloomreach is unlike most other cave systems, as the explorer discovers shortly after entering.

The uncluttered landscape invites my mind to do the same.