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The following catamaran lines are currently not operating: Ubli-Vela Luka-Hvar-Split; Korčula-Prigradica Hvar-Split; Dubrovnik-Korčwell as the ferry line: Sumartin (Brač) – Makarska During the day delays are possible on the sections of the rail where passengers are transported by buses:- between Vrbovec and Križevci railway stations (on the rail state border-Botovo-Dugo Selo),- between Ivanec and Golubovec railway stations (on the rail Varaždin-Golubovec),- between Lupoglav and Borut railway stations (on the rail state border- Buzet-Pula)- between Šapjane and Rijeka railway stations (on the rail Rijeka-Šapjane-state border),- between Fužine and Rijeka railway stations (on the rail Zagreb-Rijeka), There is a traffic ban on freight vehicles exceeding 7,5 t on most Croatian state roads, except on the DC1 Karlovac-Knin-Sinj:on Saturdays: 4am-2pmon Sundays: noon-11pmthe day before a holiday: 3pm-11pmon holidays: 2pm-11pm.

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Traffic in a roundabout has right of way, except when signs indicate otherwise.