Sign dating stickers

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Sign dating stickers

Back in 2005, my college friend Steve Huffman and I got $12,000 from Y Combinator and moved into an apartment in Medford, Mass.

In our wildest dreams we couldn’t have imagined that now, six years later, our website, reddit, would be getting 35 million unique visitors and over 2.8 billion pageviews per month (at the time of this writing).

And this marvelous community of communities owes its existence to a massive advertising budget of…$500.

To date that is the sum total of money that has been spent advertising reddit.

In a 2012 opinion, state Attorney General Bill Schuette said: "No entity can lawfully claim exclusive control over use of the State's highway route marker design because the design is in the public domain and is otherwise not subject to protection under trademark law." Michigan dropping 'M' from M-22 signs to deter thieves Traverse City attorney John Di Giacomo said the lawsuit, originally filed in Ingham County Circuit Court then transferred to U. District Court in Grand Rapids, is an act of desperation by the state.