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Go through with this article and provide your feedback or suggestion regarding this topic !! You will find an Excel Workbook with the example to play around with it.

With the help of this Tutorial I am going to explain you – How can you make your excel cell behave like a Password Text Box where your password is masked and no one can see or copy your entered password.

Stepping through the code and using Watch, I can see that Screenupdating is set to False by the first line, but as soon as the Activecell is changed, Screenupdating is reset to True. Enable Events = false to the start of the macro, all works as expected, however I do not want to use this "workaround" as I use event driven macros. Accordingly, I explicitly enter the certain code lines to eliminate any unexpected behavior by Excel. Screen Updating End Sub Sub Test() Dim i Application.

I sometimes find my event code not working, and must arbitrarily (in the immediate window) enter the Application. Everythings OK -- somehow it had gotten "turnned-off"... Screen Updating = False For i = 1 To 40 Cells(i, 1) = i Cells(i, 2) = Application.

Sounds to me like your Event code is resetting the Screen Updating (and presumably not via an explicit statement like Screen Updating = True).

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