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"Now and then, you find officers in the Education Department who are concerned about gender sensitisation and manage to change a few rules in its favour. What we need is for this sensitivity to prevail and for the issue to be incorporated with the educational structure in our country," she said.

Sex education in schools has been a longstanding demand as far as activists are concerned although little progress has been made on this front, save for, as Aasha mentioned, the occasional sympathetic officer.

Briggs, Simon and Simonsen conclude that internet chat room sex offenders are a distinct group of sex offenders characterized by less severe criminogenic factors than others.

The authors also suggest that chat room sex offenders avoid relationships and spend a significant amount of time in online chat rooms as a primary social and sexual outlet, and engage in other sexually compulsive behaviors.

Furthermore, they may result in convictions of individuals who may never have abused a child, ultimately presenting a dilemma to treatment-providers.

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    The National Archives does not hold patients’ records and is not the best place to find information about doctors or nurses.

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    This year was also the first year since 2006 to return to the Radio City Music Hall for the awards and unlike in 2008, where the show was held in a warehouse, this show was at a real venue with a live audience.