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The series featured fellow New York drag queens Bianca Del Rio, Dallas Du Bois, Hedda Lettuce, Lady Bunny, Mimi Imfurst, and Sherry Vine.

In 2011, Sherry Vine and Peppermint released a parody of the Lady Gaga and Beyoncé song "Telephone," titled "Make Me Moan." Following the viral success of the music video, Peppermint later released other parody songs, including a parody of Azealia Banks' song "212," titled "21/12." She was a popular contestant during her run on the show, and finished in second place after winner Sasha Velour.

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Some are extremely common and practiced by the vast majority of the population, while some are extremely obscure. Sorcerers primarily use black magic to summon devils.

The goals of summoning devils include attaining wealth, fame, approval of superiors, sex, or harming another person.

So thank you, and if you've read this wondering if you should give internet dating a try, I'd say go for it.