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This was contrasted with necessitarian, in the context of free will, and was not used in the current sense.

The French word is first attested in a letter in May 1857 by French anarcho-communist Joseph Déjacque to anarchist philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, reading: hence the sense is of “extreme left-wing”.

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, from Latin libertas and the suffix -aire, from Latin -arius.

The word first appeared in English in 1789 in William Belsham's Essays.

With the exception of Imperial Britain, an authoritarian government outside of the home islands, where most Britons were denied the vote for most of this period, most of the independent countries of the pre-World War I gold standard epoch, including the U. Tracinski to the contrary, there were also two massive federal welfare programs before the New Deal: the Homestead Act, a colossal redistribution of government land to farmers, and generous pension benefits for Union veterans of the Civil War and their families.

S., Germany, France, Russia and many Latin American republics, rejected free trade in favor of varying degrees of economic protectionism. Much earlier, the 1798 act that taxed sailors to fund a small system of government-run sailors’ hospitals was supported by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton alike.

Not surprisingly, Lew is the most visited libertarian site.