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" Because of the amount of attention her response yielded, Peete even wrote a blog post about the escalating attention Mayer's words have attracted.Mayer's use of the "N" word is "the biggest no-no of them all and coupled with the White Supremacist 'privates' comments it dawns hard on me that by gushing in public about a compliment by one of my fave artists in this article filled with offenses I look like I am giving him some sort of 'free pass' just cause he said I was cute," Peete wrote.Ruby reminds him that they’re not related by blood.

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It was that kind of super-safe pop-radio token, the kind that you’d hear while running around doing errands with your parents.

Years later, I remember watching ’s Christmas special, in which there’s a scene where Steve Carell and Ed Helms serenade some Benihana waitresses they brought back to the office party with Mayer’s noxiously syrupy “Your Body Is A Wonderland.” But the context was different by then. That was the same year he released his third solo album, , the one that functioned as a definitive bid for legitimacy within the rock establishment.

Twitter user CRHines17 - bio: awesome - tweeted to Mayer an offering of support Wednesday.

"We're all human," he wrote, "everyone makes mistakes," to which Mayer responded, "True.

Pictured: Katy Perry and John Mayer Ref: SPL422816 020812Picture by: SPW/Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666New York:212-619-2666London:[email protected] my brain tells me automatically that John is a ladies man extraordinaire, it's also sort of forgotten who exactly he's romanced. There you have it, world: John Mayer's resume.

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