average years of dating before marriage - Is consolidating student loans a good idea

And each of these options comes with pros and cons. You won’t need to borrow against any collateral like your home, but you will probably pay more in interest.

Perhaps a Homeowner Consolidation loan is the way to go instead?

They’re considering a refinance of the loans and just received an offer in the mail from a private company offering to do that for a lower rate. Dave lays out some guidelines for doing a refinance.

ANSWER: The private company would be facilitating you in doing a refinance of your government loans; I don’t think it’s going to become a private student loan. First, you are only able to do a Sallie Mae refinance one time.

Debt consolidation is not for everyone – especially through a company specializing in consolidating debt – which is usually expensive, costing you hefty fees for their service.