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"I always wanted to prove somebody wrong if they did something," Tamra said."The more I tried to prove them wrong, the bigger ass I looked like.Finally, when I just gave up, they buried themselves ...

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We present to you the Tom D'Agostino When Luann first told the ladies about the new love in her life, Ramona Singer immediately piped up, claiming she'd dated him first. Turtle Time and Tom remains a point of contention among the ladies, though.

Ramona claims there were several dates (which many of the other ladies support), while Luann insists it was nothing more than one dinner. In light of Sonja Morgan's admission that she and Tom were also hooking up before he coupled up with the Countess, we've think we've got a serial Double-Dipper on our hands.

Rossi was giving us her best sexy Eskimo on the red carpet, while Slade dressed as a gladiator.

Though the couple's no longer on the show, both stars had some strong opinions about their former costars.

I wasn’t there to try and call Tamra out or try and call Eddie out. And quite frankly, whatever their deal is, is between them.