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He had me sit down and started applying some sort of gold scrub on my hand, waited about 30-40 seconds, then rubbed off taking a lot of my dead skin with it.

Or so it seemed to be, I found a lot of sources saying that apparently they use an ingredient called PVA (can’t confirm it as I can’t find an ingredient list anywhere – strange?

This, of course, comes off the heals of the huge Tran Organizaton false-shuffle scam which is detailed on this page.

The first scam baccarat casino cheat scam to gain notoriety in 2011 is what has been coined "the cutter scam." This is a combination high and low tech scam where the player being offered the baccarat red or yellow plastic cut-card has a tiny digital camera affixed to a sleeve or built inside a ring on his finger.

You’ll win points with us if you say right away why you’re calling.

We’re tracked – and rewarded – based on how fast we get you off the phone.

) in this specific peel that is almost like glue, and what happens when you put glue on your skin and let it dry?