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In Griffin’s case, though, I was somewhat pleasantly surprised, as The New York Times, ” the los angeles times the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post all noted in their obituaries that Griffin had been the target in the early 1990s of unsuccessful palimony and sexual harassment suits, both brought by men who claimed that he had done them wrong, though in different ways, and both dismissed in court.Still, these lawsuits brought out into the open, if briefly, what had long been known in Hollywood: namely, that the divorced father of one, and highly visible public escort of Eva Gabor, was also gay.“So much attention was being focused on me that my marriage felt the strain.” He never remarried.

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Of Griffin, Porter says, “We met in ’59 when he sang for my senior prom and the student committee paid him $500.

What he made then was a far cry from the billionaire he was at the end.” But what about the sex?

His roommate a year and a half was Montgomery Clift.

He lived with Roddy Mc Dowall here at the Dakota, where he introduced Eddie Fisher to Elizabeth Taylor.

she "ate a bad piece of fruit," and contracted viral pneumonia.