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The system is designed to be used while sitting on the commode. increments, enables monitoring the correct amount of water.

The user (or an attendant) gently inserts the catheter into the rectum and squeezes the hand pump with the control dial on the “balloon” setting. When the water is in the colon, the dial is turned to “deflate,” the balloon empties and the catheter is removed.

"I see a lot of women who think that their physician is going to be there most of the time," says Carol Burke, RN, an advanced practice nurse at Prentice Women's Hospital, part of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in Chicago.

"Actually he's like the relief pitcher who shows up in the bottom of the ninth inning when there's two outs and two runners on base."But in fact that's a good thing, since most labor and delivery nurses are passionate about giving you the birth experience you want.

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