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“Most of these people have no political affiliation,” he said.

“When you remove democratically-elected institutions there’s no need for votes or for that institution.” Attacks on Christian churches, he said, are a sad retaliation for the Egyptian military’s crimes, though the scope of those is magnified by the country’s “a corrupt media.” He acknowledged there is a portion of the Egyptian community in Calgary that supports the military’s actions, but said their voices have faded as the situation’s worsened in the North African country.

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Hassanin, who still has family in Egypt, said many of his compatriots in Calgary are yearning to return to their homeland to fight for democracy.

“Every one of us would like to go back and join — this is the least we can do to show support for the people there,” he said.

“What Canada has said is not really clear, it’s confusing” said Hassanin, 25.

“I would like to see more action from the Canadian government.” At least one of the protesters hoisted photos of Morsi, but Hassanin said their anger was more over what he called the crushing of Egyptian democracy than political allegiance.

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