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Up until your foot scuffed one of the legs of the bed, you had been perfect.

Entering the room with cat-like agility with your blade between your teeth, you stayed in the shadows that the moonlight provided. Accepting your fate and removing your knife from your mouth, you stepped into the moonlight and held your hands up.“Who sent you?

The below are "slightly edited" postings to several lists regarding the dating of the Exodus as preserved by the Jewish Historian Flavius Josephus in the 1st century CE (AD).

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1540-1200 BCE) which would include the Protestant Conservatives' Israelite Conquest of ca. However, this area in Ramesside Iron I (1230-1100 BCE) EXPLODED with over 300 stone farms, hamlets and villages as compared to the preceding Late Bronze Age period.

It would appear that Manetho's Ramesside Exodus has been _vindicated_ by the findings of archaeology. The pottery in these sites was not Egyptian, it was Canaanite in form. Manetho had stated that the Hyksos' descendants had "reinvaded the Delta" and resettled at Avaris which had been reoccupied in Ramesside times.

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