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OUR VISION Our quest is to bring together the most powerful, healthy and influential couples that have ever walked the planet.We will see covenant relationships restored to the power and unity that God intended for us to experience.So verses trabalhadas com esse propsito em mente, numa tentativa de compensar o lanamento tardio e sem descurar as funcionalidades da plataforma.

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), I was married in my mid-twenties, the last of my friends to tie the knot (no pressure) and nine months later I come home from work and she says: “I’m sorry, I don’t love you any more.” That very nearly killed me.

Being scared is not something that comes easy to own up to. September 12th 2001, I remember waking up and feeling scared, seeing the world in a different way. That was rational fear based upon a terrible, terrible atrocity. Avoiding eye contact with anyone I happen to look at. The fear that you’ll always get it wrong, the fear of never having children to love and care for, the fear that the love of your life is already shacked up with some wannabe, posing bozo who’s weaseled his way in at the first opportunity.

Two sisters sign up for a dating website under pseudonyms.