Dating vintage radios

Audio arrived a bit later, with the first commercial broadcasting station arising in in 1919 in The Hague, Netherlands.

Soon there were many stations around the world and in the 1920s and 30s, you could find a radio in almost every western home. Previously, textbooks and college lectures were the only way to gain knowledge; radio programs however, could reach many more people – right in their own homes.

Open Sunday afternoons, it includes the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame, the Marconi Hotel and 10 rooms filled with computer, radar, radio and ship wreck exhibits. (Minneapolis, MN) Located just west of downtown Minneapolis, in St.

Founded in 1984, the Arlington, Virginia, group exchanges, collects, and preserves any materials from the Golden Age of Broadcasting.

Individually, and as a club, members collect and share OTR audio copies, books, scripts, and related radio broadcast materials.

Among enthusiasts, there is considerable interest in owning, restoring and operating vintage military and commercial radio equipment, much of it more than 40 years old.

Some undertake to construct their own gear, known in ham slang as homebrewing, using vintage parts and designs.

Vintage radio enthusiasts contend that modern amateur equipment lacks the aesthetic appeal and "soul" of amateur electronic gear from the vacuum tube era.