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Greta is quickly left in isolation to contemplate a series of (seemingly!

) supernatural events that lead her to question whether Brahms might actually be alive. Outside of the occasional phone call to a friend on a landline, her only contact with reality is Malcolm, the grocery “man,” who delivers food once a week.

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“The Boy” ostensibly sets out to combine the Creepy House and Creepy Doll subgenres for the series of delightful jump scares to be expected from anything star-free and scary.

What you may not glean from , however, is that it is also the story of Creepy Men.

Indeed, there is a reading of the film in which it’s an allegory for all of the nightmare boyfriends a woman might have.

As “The Boy” unfolds, it twists all-too-typical heteronormative relationships into an actual horror movie.

Then a little voice in my head scolds me because isn't that the whole point of dating?