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Instead, the man walked to the main gate and set the bomb off.El-Hagger, a brigadier general for the Egyptian police force, was conducting inspections for people entering the church.

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[1] The most valuable secondary work on Christian Nubia belongs to this period.

Monneret de Villard's Storia della Nubia Cristiana (1938) remains indispensable despite the fact that it has not been translated into English.

The next thing was to seek means of propitiating the gods, and recourse was had to the Sibylline books, by the direction of which prayers were offered to Vulcanus, Ceres, and Proserpina.

Juno, too, was entreated by the matrons, first, in the Capitol, then on the nearest part of the coast, whence water was procured to sprinkle the fane and image of the goddess.

There is diversity too in the thoroughness with which scholars have engaged with this long history, certain periods being much less covered by historical study.