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The individual web sites under the banner of our company each specialises in the glassware from a particular century.

No matter whether you are collecting Georgian glass, Victorian glass, Edwardian glass, Art Deco, Art Noveau or later glass, we hope to have something in stock that will appeal to you.

We also try to make our web sites into repositories of information for anything to do with glass from these periods, and you will find links to other web sites, information on particular designers and styles, brief histories of glassmaking and other useful data.

The general information we provide about glass on this site will be built up over time so that you can also use it as a reference source. Let us know if you think we can improve our service in any way.

While they have an idiosyncratic diagonal-cut head, their high-quality hand-blown glass design ensures they are never anything but elegant. Then why not serve your plonk in these black glasses? Dainty stems and bonkersley expensive, but if you have money to burn they are a real conversation starter. Wine Goblet The thick, sturdy stem of the "Boris" goblets from LSA contrast beautifully with a fine crystal lip.