Computer updating stuck

Yesterday i had to shut off my pc because it simply wouldnt stop updating as the title siad, it said update 21 of 38 for 4 hours and the hard disk was completely sillent, after i did a hard reset power off, it didnt say updating but the hard drive was doing something, then my pc reeboted ( didnt get into windows) and after that i got into my windows as normal, shut off my pc again and then it said inatalling update x of 17, after it insalled those succesfully i still havent seen any problems with my pc, so my question is, should i take action or fix something?

Neither magicandre1981 nor Moab's answers assisted me.

After following both procedures (on a virtualbox I reset back to the same snapshot) I still had the hung update search. I have no idea what update got everything sorted out but using this sledge hammer I was able to get a bunch downloaded and installed.

While updates may occasionally cause minor issues, the benefits they bring outweigh the risk.

Also, running an antivirus is not enough to secure your system.

Speaking of running smoothly, however, these updates don't always do that.