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To establish that the current finds were actually biological, and therefore made naturally by the Earth’s environment billions of years ago, UCL researchers subjected the fossils to a battery of tests.

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A Brief History of Historical Dating The first writer whom we know to have been interested in historical chronology is the Greek historian Ephorus of Cyme (ca.

405–330 BC), who provided many dates in his work on universal history. 484–425 BC) had been far less interested in placing events in time. AD 160–240), often called the first true chronologist, is considered the father of biblical history, an independent field from which the science of historical dating would later borrow its principles.

In 1821, the university was officially renamed the University of Michigan.

It moved to Ann Arbor in 1837 onto 40 acres (16 ha) of what is now known as Central Campus.

To lay the background towards throwing some light on these questions, let us first make an incursion into the origins of history's timetables.