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Men are the primary audience of the , and Ovid’s suggestions are helpful for that gender regardless of century: be physically presentable, use flattery, don’t forget her birthday, and don’t ask about her age. Was he finally being punished for work that violated the emperor’s moral legislation?

For women, Ovid’s advice covers flirting techniques and tips for one’s daily beauty routine, from hairstyles and clothes to make-up and face scrubs, all helpful for his large readership of young women with no access to . Though Ovid suggested that was partly a cause for his exile, it likely wasn’t, because the book had already been in circulation for several years.

Getty Voices concluded in February 2014.) by Roman poet Ovid is just as bawdy as love advice written today—maybe even more so. When the lasciviousness of our lovemaking occurs to you, touch your radiant cheek with a delicate thumb…

In fact, at times the book reads more like a seduction guide than a dating manual. Despite Ovid’s popularity, Augustus showed no scruples about personally exiling him to Tomis, a rather dreadful place on the Black Sea.

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