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i kinda like the one between him and sweet17 log under one of the comments here: I actually saw this a few months ago on Do yourself a favour and go read some of the posts on there.

A 24 year old teacher having a sexual relationship with a 17 year old pupil, who happens your own child, might lead to a less relaxed reaction.

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The federal public safety minister's office confirmed at least part of that investigation is being handled by a third party. She said she witnessed a hush-or-hurt culture, where harassment victims often stayed quiet for fear of reprisal.

As a union representative for two different locals over the years, she said, she helped corrections employees in numerous harassment cases, and saw only one complaint end with significant discipline.

The men were originally suspended with pay, sources say, while the women who were targeted in these conversations were allegedly not told about them for several weeks after they were discovered.

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) turned down CBC's multiple requests for interviews, and would only say there is an ongoing investigation.

I know what you mean though - for your average male, this would be a very attractive proposition, especially as she's a looker.