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Les 3 visages l'écoutent avec ferveur, l'homme du milieu joint les mains pour prier.

On comprend maintenant le mouvement des personnages à genoux qui se redressent : ils veulent voir, ils veulent être sauvés, ils ne veulent pas qu'on les oublient. Les quelques naufragés encore en vie vont-ils être rapatriés ?

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I’ve been recovering at home now for a few days and am just starting to venture back onto the internet.

Standard of living refers to the material basis of well-being, which is reflected in a person’s consumption level.

These studies also have a variety of themes, with poverty being the most common one.

Studies on poverty have looked at its “causes, effects, and prevalence” and the extent to which it improved or worsened following change in government policies and programs. These studies looked at the disparity in standards of living between rich and poor, sub-populations, ethnic groups, etc.

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