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24 April 2005Meredith worries she did something wrong during a heart bypass, an error in a past procedure is discovered, putting a staff member's conduct under scrutiny, while a party thrown by Izzie to introduce her boyfriend becomes a fiasco.A woman with a massive tumor is admitted, with all the surgeons required to scrub in."I found myself wondering what would have happened if I had said yes. We all know where we were when the news hit that JFK's plane had gone down.

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In their absence, Meredith is assigned a patient with Parkinson's and, because Alex's pager is not working, Izzie is left in charge of the floor herself.

Izzie and George find out about Meredith and Derek, while Cristina makes a discovery of her own.

From a generic character in 2002, Cena morphed into a rapper for the time period of 2002–2004, which earned him fame within the audience on Smack Down!

an accomplishment only previously achieved by WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.

George thinks an anesthesiologist is drinking on the job, and Meredith deals with a young girl who has had illegal surgery.

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