Sexs cchat free - Benefits of consolidating superannuation

It’s all about maximising your savings for your retirement by consolidating all your existing super into the one fund. Many super funds let you switch online, in a quick and easy process.

You just need to decide which super fund is the right one to switch to.

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Before transferring your superannuation benefits from your previous superannuation fund(s) to your QIEC Super account, we recommend asking your previous superannuation fund for all information about your benefits in that fund (including transfer, exit, or other fees, insurance cover and amounts and the available investment options) that you need to understand the effects of transferring those benefits.

Your privacy is important to us When your personal details are provided to QIEC Super, they are securely stored and are accessible only to authorised personnel and third parties for the purpose of administering your account.

All super funds are required by law to provide you with an annual member statement following the end of the financial year on 30 June, but some funds may send statements every six months or on a more frequent basis.

If you have changed your name, address or job, your fund may no longer be able to reach you.

Contact your old fund directly to ask for your member details.