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The brand is purposefully unglamorous at times (“We wanted to humanize ourselves,” Ashton said), and the content is intensely dissected by fans, so much so that a cryptic message last month about an “exciting announcement” fueled speculation that Brianne, six months from the Olympic Games, might be expecting.“People are crazy,” she joked the next morning, arriving to practice in her Nike warm-up gear and without the slightest sign of a baby bump.

The big announcement, the world would soon learn, was the launch of a social media campaign called #What’s Your Gold, a challenge to fans to set their own Olympic-year goals and then use Instagram or Twitter to tell the story of their struggles and successes along the way.

How Olympians Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton ended up together as a couple is reminiscent of a movie script.

The track stars started dating at the University of Oregon, where they both won NCAA titles and set school records.

Last weekend, the couple won a pair of gold medals at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Portland, Oregon, affirming their status as the most athletic couple in the world — and clear favorites heading into Brazil.